Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about the software this is the place to go!

While there is some configuration required to get setup, we have some good news. There is nothing to install on your end. Like most software that is used to track and monitor data, we don't believe linking a JS file is the way.

You will need to login to your DNS provider and add a TXT record to your DNS Zone file under which your website is associated with. The text you will need is under the Site Settings menu on the dashboard page.

Well the short answer is — you don't. It is a reminder that your account is still in it's trial period. After the trial period ends, the message goes away.

Webolytica recognizes valid URL's as beginning with http or https.

In your settings page, find the Interval setting under the Monitor Interval section and change the value to the number of seconds you want Webolytica to check your website. Each website can use a different monitoring interval.

We were having problems with the way our crawler crawls some websites that sit behind Cloudflare. Since then, we have made the necessary changes. If problems persist with your websites, please contact us.

To stop fraudulent abuse against the service that our system offers. You can cancel at anytime, even during your trial period. Our service is prorated, so if you cancel between cycles, you get a refund.