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Availability Monitoring

Why you need website monitoring?

Websites are an important part of a business. If the website goes down and there's nothing monitoring it, you may never know until you get the dreaded phone call. While a website's uptime is unpredictable, getting the notification is the first step. That's where we can help out.

  • Downtime costs your business revenue
  • Downtime damages your brand image and reputation
  • Downtime negatively affects the websites SEO ranking

Who needs website monitoring?



Marketing Managers

Website monitoring is for anyone that operates a website. Our website monitoring tools let you be in control of your monitoring. Monitor scripts and APIs with our custom website monitoring tools.

Webolytica Features Comparison

** Permissions for the FREE account may be limited on some features. Hover over / click the checkmark to view permissions.

Feature Free ** Starter Professional Enterprise
Ping Stats
Monitoring Data
Monitors Available 50200 500 Unlimited
Page Speed Monitoring
SSL Cert Monitoring
HTTP Security Header Checks
DNS Monitoring

Webolytica Roadmap

Apr 2021

Initial Release of Webolytica

We started the project for internal testing.

Nov 2021

External Testing

Started external testing for specialty website configurations. Made major improvements to the backend.

Apr 2022

Pilot Begins

Started pilot licensing with real clients. Testing is one-month long.

May 2022

Enterprise Testing

Started testing with Enterprise clients. Made several improvements in the API.

July 2022

Official Public Release

Official release of Webolytica for public use. Webolytica is out of BETA testing.

Oct 2022

SSL Testing

Security is and should be a top concern for website operators. We are introducing an SSL monitor for every website that is monitored by the service.

Nov 2022

Publish Slack App

We've already made a Slack App, but we're in test mode with it.

Jan 2023

Integrate a "Lite" version of on-page SEO tools for Enterprise users

There's almost nothing better than having a tool for multiple use cases that adds value to your business and your clients. We're introducing a way you can see your websites performance and your websites on-page search engine optimization score.

Mar 2023

Integrate form testing for Professional and Enterprise users

We've accepted a challenge to bring forth a way to test your forms.