About Webolytica

Webolytica helps businesses and agencies monitor websites. Webolytica helps by monitoring the status of your websites and delivers daily reports straight to your inbox or Slack channel. While it requires no special access such as installing a javascript file on the site, we do need to verify you are the site owner. We do this by verifying a TXT record entry on your sites DNS. Simplying create a DNS TXT record with the key-value that we give you and your ready to go.

What does Webolytica do?

Webolytica's Website Health Check will crawl your site, searching page by page inspecting links for http errors and overall uptime. It also checks images. We've implemented some SEO checks to help identify problems with your SEO setup. We're constantly working to improve Webolytica and if you think something needs some work let us know by Contacting Us

monitor multiple sites with charts

Monitor Multiple Sites

With the ability to monitor multiple sites at once, this gives you an edge on your websites performance across the board. You'll be able to see when your websites have issues and compare this with traffic and error logs to make improvements. There's a convenient dashboard that lets you know the uptime and performance level of your websites.

** This feature is available on the Professional and Enterprise plans.

custom interval monitoring

Customized Monitoring Intervals

Webolytica handles interval monitoring down to the minute. If you need custom interval monitoring we can provide that. Don't miss a beat by having a custom interval setup.

** This feature is available on the Professional and Enterprise plans.

chart showing seo score

Search Engine Optimization Reporting

Search engines only see what you tell it to see. Our SEO Health Check will provide a report of what needs to be optimized on your website so that it ranks higher. SEO reporting is included in all plans.